The “experts” don’t know their a** from their artichoke

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I just read a disturbing article last week in the New York Times that obesity rates are skyrocketing. Obviously one does not need to read that article to know that there is an obesity epidemic. Just look around at your fellow neighbors and loved ones. Clearly we are losing our battle with the bulge. 

According to Dr Thomas Frieden, the director of the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Over the past several decades, obesity has increased faster than anyone could have imagined it would”. Furthermore, adds Dr. Friedan, “Obesity rates have doubled in adults and tripled in children in recent decades”. In his report, he claims that medical costs of obesity related illnesses will run approximately $150 billion (BILLION!) a year.

With Americans getting fatter and fatter and obesity rates reaching into obscene levels, what do we need to do in order to kick this epidemic to the curb?

The problem with finding a “solution” for this persistent and progressive problem is that there is soooooo much conflicting and confusing information out there. Sorting through the countless articles and research studies on the general guidelines to nutritional health had me convinced that these accomplished PhD’s, MD’s, and various other eggheads had definitive proof that a diet low in saturated fats and rich in heart healthy carbohydrates, fruits and veges were the “yellow brick road” to long-term cardiovascular health and to become a lean mean fighting machine. They extolled the benefits of eating right and exercise. We were told to embrace diets rich in carbohydrates like pasta, grains and bread. Since the early 1980’s when these guidelines were first introduced, millions of us dutifully followed these long-held recommendations. Red meat became the ENEMY. Fattening cheeses became the DEVIL. And don’t even start me on the horrors of salted and cured meats like salami, sausages and bacon.

Sooooo, if what we have been told all this time is true, then why oh why is our fight against obesity more dire than ever? Why has almost 1/3 of the American population become obese?

Well…….it seems that, ahem, uhhhhhh, our lovely well-intentioned PhD’s, MD’s, scientists  various other “experts”, may have spoken a little too soon.

Regardless of the FACT that Americans are getting bigger and fatter every year, some brave scientists have decided to come forth and share some new and albeit controversial results from their studies. These new studies seem to directly contradict the long-held belief about exercise and eating “right”. In fact, according to these new studies, it seems that “eating right” may actually be “eating wrong.” Several new studies, most notably one published this year in Scientific American are now questioning the long-held nutritional belief about cutting back on meats and dairy and replacing them with carbohydrates. It seems that eating less red meat and dairy products and instead replacing them with carbohydrates have not exactly produced the heart healthy slim jim results that the federal guidelines promised they would.

A recent study of 350,000 people published this year in the American Journal of Clinical Research, researchers found no link between the amount of saturated fat that a person consumed and heart disease risk. In fact, according to Scientific American, there is a growing consensus that the medical establishment might have actually done more harm than good as diets rich in carbs may actually raise the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Sooooooo….now that we wasted all these years depriving ourselves of earths greatest bounties, and have spent countless thousands on gym memberships, exercise equipment, diet supplement, diet books, etc and still don’t have the results we want, what is a pleasantly plump person supposed to do?

If fact, if there are no real proven “experts” who are we supposed to listen to? Well I decided enough is enough. The proof is in the pudding and I for one want to eat it. I have set on a week-long “test” to see if i created my own diet, the I LOVE FOOD DIET, what would happen. My premise would be to do the unthinkable…. to eat what I wanted, when I wanted, as much as wanted AND lose weight. I mean what do I have to lose (except a few pounds)?

Well I am very happy to report that it has been just 4 days and I have already lost 6 lbs. I am not kidding. With NO exercise, no long grueling hours in the gym, no sweating to the oldies, NOTHING.  With just a few minor dietary adjustments, the weight just rolled right off. Every morning I leap onto my good old trusty scale (something I used to avoid like the plague) and every morning I am surprisingly greeted with a new and lower number. 

Now if this can work for me, it can work for you. 🙂