When the tough gets going, the tough get eating.

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Image by gtrwndr87 via Flickr

After avoiding my scale the last two days from my night of forced consumption of mountains of macaroni and cheese and pulled pork sandwiches (read my post “And the band played on.. and on.. and on” for explanation), I was determined to get serious about knocking off  those few pesky pounds. So what did I do? Well as the saying goes, When the going gets tough, the tough start eating.

I mean it. I literally ate myself skinny.

I started off the day with 2 eggs easy over. As we were completely out of sausage or bacon or any other accoutrements, I hunted around in my fridge until I hit pay dirt – a pack of presliced jalepeno-monteray jack cheese. The idea was to make an omelette but as I am not a big fan of anything related to scrambled eggs, (read my post “Bab’s gimme more eggies!” for explanation), I was going to stick to the original plan of eggs over-easy with a sliced cheese chaser.

Suddenly I had an epiphany. I remember many years ago that there was a restaurant in Hells Kitchen called “Frico Bar”. Fricos are crisp little pancakes made from pan-fried cheese wrapped around various different fillings. Its sort of like a crepe but instead of flour and egg, this “crepe” was made of fried cheese.

Using my well-worn non stick pan, I slapped a presliced piece of cheese in the middle and watched and waited. Initially the cheese melted and became gooey however after a minute or so, the cheese started bubbling and becoming crispy around the edges. I took a spatula and peeked under my now amorphous shaped delight and it was looking gooooood – light brown, toasty and crispy. After a minute longer I slid my “frico” on my plate with my eggs and dug in.

If I could patent this recipe, I would. The slightly flimsy odorous cold cheese was magically transformed into crispy tasty wafers. Each little nibble incited groans of pleasure. The kick from the jalapeno spice only furthered my ecstasy. I am eager to experiment with the wildly popular American Kraft slices as well as other inexpensive cheeses. As a salty, savory, satisfying, decadent and CARB FREE snack, there is no other comparison. I am going to start working on some other recipes with fricos and will be sure to report back.

For lunch I ate buffalo chicken wings. Buffalo chicken wings are gods gift to the carb free dieter. Essentially, the famous recipe calls for deep-frying the wings until golden brown, tossing them with around with some hot sauce and butter and then serving them with rich blue cheese dressing and celery on the side. That’s it! That is the recipe. I inhaled the dirty dozen with an ice-cold beer.

For dinner we decided to go out. For my appetizer, I split the steak salad with Roquefort cheese with my husband and for my entrée I had the “crispy long island duck”. I had a choice of 2 sides so instead of the garlic mashed potatoes or rice, I selected the vegetable medley and sautéed apples.

After several glasses of wine, I was feeling no pain. After I ate until I was pleasantly stuffed, I asked the waitress to pack up my leftovers heeding my own advice from my earlier post “short and sweet”.

Well I am thrilled to report that this morning I stepped on my scale and incredibly lost 2 whole pounds. The I Love Food Diet is working! I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, as much as I wanted and I lost weight! Stick with me and we will eat ourselves skinny togther.

Chow for now!