One Month Anniversary

Image by The Rocketeer via Flickr

I cannot believe that it has already been one month since I started the I LOVE FOOD DIET. In the past month since I have started my “diet” and subsequent BLOG, I have lost as much as 10 pounds relatively painlessly, although I gained a few pounds back over this holiday weekend, (but that is a separate story unto itself), I have experimented with lots of food and methods of preparation and I discovered how much I enjoy sharing my experiences with you.

Up until one month ago, I barely knew what a BLOG was. Although I remain relatively clueless when it comes to the technical aspects of formatting, altering the typeface and adding various “widgets” (what the hell is a widget???) to my BLOG, the fact is that I wake up every day invigorated and excited to report my “last tango with food”.

I discovered in the last 30 days how much I love to write and that discovery in itself is something in my 40+ years, I have NEVER known about myself. I spent my entire adult life NOT writing. I worked for many years in the fashion industry which the only opportunity I had to write was to report on the status and/or merchandising situation of our collections in various department stores and specialty shops.

After my many years in the fashion industry, I switched to a career in real estate which rarely offers an opportunity to write except for the occasional overly flourished description of what ever property that I am representing. – “Drop dead gorgeous views from your own private paradise in the sky!”,  “3 BR, 3 BTH, H/W flrs,Central A/C, FTDM, Gym, CP and River vus,Pets OK!”

I’ll admit the opportunity for a writing challenge occasionally pops up when you have a listing that is little more than a dark dirty little studio in a 5th floor walk up.”Charming and cozy pied a terre in the city, close to shops and subway, your own gym included!”

But for the most part, the opportunity to “hone my craft” was few and far between. Starting the I LOVE FOOD DIET has given me new opportunities to flex my intellectual muscle and actually try to think of new and creative ways to cook, eat and write about it. I look forward to continuing my daily reports on my progress and setbacks on my blog.

Remember it aint over till the fat lady sings or fits into her skinny jeans. Well, I am happy to report that I can now squeeze myself into my skinny jeans albeit I need to wiggle into them laying on my bed, but hey, at least they are on. 🙂

Chow for now!


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