The Lost Boys Diet

Cover of "The Lost Boys"
Cover of The Lost Boys


I just watched the 1987 teen heart-throb vampire classic, The Lost Boys  with my 9  yr old son. Although some of you would be aghast as it is rated PG 13, and may have material a wee bit “unsuitable” and scary for such a young mind, I made sure to watch it during the daytime with all the lights on.   

If you are anywhere near my age ,or even if you are not, there is no debating the hotness level of Jason Patrick and his fellow vampire buddies. Their youth, their beauty, the fact that they never age and never die certainly sounds intriguing. The fact that they never get fat as they only subsist on blood may actually seem like a small price to pay. 

Two decades later, vampires have become all the rage with the Twilight Series (teenage eye candy), True Blood (seriously HOT eye candy), and the many imitators across the board.  

What is it about vampires that is so attractive? It can’t be the murder and mayhem. It can’t be not being able to go out in the sun. It can’t be the sleeping in coffins (Read my post, “Too Fat to be Buried” for more info). I think that it has got to be the fact that Vampires don’t get fat.  

When have you ever seen a FAT vampire? (Assuming that you have seen vampires in your lifetime). Dracula was not fat. The Vampire Lestat portrayed by Tom Cruise and his ridiculously hot “boy toy”, Brad Pitt were certainly FAR from rotund. The boys from the Twilight series…. well lets just say that I plead the 5th as I am far too old and wise to comment.  

Bottom line, bloodsuckers don’t want the fatsos and the obese on their team. I am convinced that Vampires only prey on the hot and beautiful. They need all the help they can muster to get in our good graces and fat is NOT where it is at!  

Short of becoming a bloodsucking night owl, there has got to be another way to remain skinny and beautiful. Well, actually the beautiful part, I really cannot help you with. You either are born beautiful or you can “work it” and make yourself shine.  

However, the skinny part, I can help with, a little bit at least. Its called the I LOVE FOOD DIET and its simple. Eat what you want, as much as you want, whenever you want and lose weight. The main thing , and its easier than you think, is to try to avoid heavy carbs. I am not suggesting that you never eat another french fry or down a slice of pizza ever again. Au contraire, cheating is the best part of the I LOVE FOOD DIET because you know you are treating yourself to those “sinful” carb laden foods and who doesn’t like to sin once in a while? Those fries and that slice really become a special treat, something to savor and enjoy. And isn’t that what food should be, something to savor and enjoy???? Food for thought.  

Chow for now!