Moons Over My Hammy

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It is rare that a billboard would make me stop in my tracks. Such was the case when I was walking down the street this past weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I saw the large  sign adhered to the windows of a Denny’s Restaurant advertising their breakfast concoction called “Moons over my Hammy“.

My husband and I both looked at each other and burst out laughing. What the heck is a “Moons over my Hammy”?

Since we  were visiting a Spanish-speaking part of the United States for the weekend, we initially thought that this sign was perhaps a misspelled advertisement for the famous 1941 Technicolor musical extravaganza “Moon over Miami” starring Betty Grable and Don Ameche.

However, since the sign was in a rather dingy looking Denny’s Restaurant window and had a picture of a sandwich, we knew it had to be food. But exactly what kind of food was this?

We knew it had to include ham as the sign clearly states “Hammy”. We guessed that the “Moons” must refer to 2 (the usage of moons plural versus moon singular) eggs as they can be sometimes shaped into “moon-like” shape with those round egg contraptions.  We decided that we must try it out. 

We were staying next door at the Ritz Carlton, San Juan for my birthday weekend. Since we were members of “the club”, our hotel provided us with a gorgeous complimentary champagne breakfast buffet  every day. The thought of sacrificing our fresh and delicious FREE breakfast buffet to go to Denny’s next door just to try the “Moons” breakfast sandwich was rather an unattractive option.

However the name was so intriguing that we kept talking about it all weekend. We even wavered about foregoing lunch to visit the dirty Denny’s next door. But common sense reared its head and we wisely decided to kick it poolside and lunch at our ocean front hotel instead.

It ends up that “Moons over my Hammy” was first introduced by the restaurant chain in 1978 and is a registered trademark.  It has remained one of its most popular dishes ever since. The secret of the recipe is the melange of ingredients. Butter soaked grilled bread with 2 layers of American and Swiss cheese sandwiched between 2 scrambled eggs, slices of ham and toasty sour dough bread would make anybody a loyal fan. This decadent and rich sandwich, served with your choice of either tasty hash browns or grits all for $4.49 at this Denny’s outpost is reason enough why this “Hammy” is, and will become MY  “Hammy

I am determined to create an I LOVE FOOD DIET version of Denny’s “Moon over My Hammy”.

Since the only “NO -NO ” in this recipe is the bread, I am going to test drive my “Hammy” by substituting a low carb bread instead of sour dough bread. As the key ingredients – butter, ham, eggs, swiss and american cheese, have zero carbohydrates and thus perfect for the I LOVE FOOD DIET, I figure if  I slather on enough butter and grill it all together, it may just work.

As I just came back from vacation I need to go shopping for some supplies. Check back tomorrow to see the results of ” MY-HAMMY”


  1. Hammy, Hammy and more Hammy. I loved this and your Spamm was terrific too. Hammy v. Spammy.

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