2 Month Anniversary

I love food diet loves bacon

I can’t believe that it has been over 2 months already since I first started the I LOVE FOOD DIET. As I am very slooooooowly gaining a larger audience I have decided to step it up a notch and start printing business cards and other paraphernalia to promote my fabulous diet.

I figured the BEST image of what me and the I LOVE FOOD DIET is all about is to have one of my favorite foods be my “face”.

And what better description of my “face” and my diet could be other than BACON.

Bacon is a cured meat and usually is made from the pork belly part of the pig (Read my post Pork belly on my Belly for more info). Bacon takes on different forms from around the world. In Continental Europe, bacon is not smoked like in the USA, but rather used in chunks or cubes (lardons) as a cooking ingredient. It is valued for its flavor and its fat. In Italy, it’s called pancetta and sometimes is served uncooked as a form of an antipasto. In Germany and Austria it takes a similar form and is referred to as speck. In England and Ireland, bacon takes the name of rashers.

For our non-pork eating friends, have no fear – BACON is here. Meats such as beef, chicken, or turkey are also cured and flavored in a similar process and are also called “bacon”. The packaging denotes the meat of origin, as in “turkey bacon” or “chicken bacon”.  There is even a vegetarian version made from salted and cured soy products called “soy bacon”.

Bacon is my “go to ingredient” when I feel one of my dishes needs a little je ne sais quoi.

The smokey, hickory, salty, juicy and fatty strips of meat are usually the perfect ingredient to round out a not-so-tasty or dry meal.

I use bacon often. My thanksgiving turkey would not be the same if not for my “secret ingredient” of strips of bacon placed strategically on the carcass while roasting. The fat renders off the smoked strips and melds into the dry white meat resulting in a remarkably tender and moist bird.

Bacon wrapped shrimp. bacon wrapped scallops, bacon with your burger, bacon and eggs are all carb free, totally decadent, and PERFECT for the I LOVE FOOD DIET.

For decades Bacon has gotten a bad wrap. This unprovoked aggression against bacon was referred to in a 2008 article featured in Salon.com. The writer, Sarah Hepola wrote, “Loving bacon is like shoving a middle finger in the face of all that is healthy and holy while an unfiltered cigarette smolders between your lips”. Ms Hepola goes on to suggest that bacon is sexy, kitschy and funny. She concludes her article with “Bacon is American”.

While I do not completely agree with the aggressive tone against everything “healthy or holy”, I do agree that bacon can be funny, sexy, and kitschy and American.  Thats me and the I LOVE FOOD DIET in a nutshell.

Chow for now.


  1. well, this is very tempting and the first food i would go to if i cheat on my pescatarian diet!

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