Wear a belt – PLEASE!

Yep, Butt Crack
Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

I don’t know about you but there are few things I find more repugnant than seeing some ones rear end bulging out of their pants.

I am not referring to the “hip hop” style of extremely oversized pants deliberately hanging mid to lower rear, worn with boxers and oversized t-shirts, but rather the very visually startling and completely unsolicited – “Plumber-Butt’.

I can only assume that the term “Plumber Butt” originated when plumbers would bend over to fix a leaky pipe inadvertently revealing the upper portion of their buttocks.

I can totally accept that this is an occupational hazard and luckily do not have many leaky pipes. However, I have noticed that Plumber Butt or “PB” has been rearing its ugly head more and more and it’s not just from the men fixing your pipes.

Lately, I have been visually assaulted by “PB” left and right. Mom’s bending down to pick up their children, Dads reaching over to grab a can from a shelf and Singles picking up a fallen coin from the floor, it seems that everybody is flashing me the sideways smile!

Perhaps its due to the popularity of low riser pants. I for one, own a few pairs and have been admittedly guilty of  accidentally flashing my “builders bum”. I have learned to wear a very long shirt when I don my low risers so that my buddies in the trunk are safe and covered. However, I must confess that there have been times when my shirt is just not long enough and low and behold…smile.

Unfortunately I fear, PB may be happening to me more and more as I continue to lose weight even with my non-low riser pants. Some of  the  jeans that I could barely squeeze into months ago are slowly getting bigger and bigger on me. When my pants get looser, my waistband falls lower on my hips and when that happens….well you get the picture.

I have recently started wearing belts with my jeans, something I have not done in years. It feels kind of awkward at first as I have not had the opportunity to “cinch” my new-found waist in years.

Another option may be to wear suspenders. The last time I wore suspenders was when I was in 4th grade and Mork and Mindy was a popular show on TV. Robin Williams character, Mork, would always wear those crazy rainbow striped suspenders with his pants. I bet you he never had a problem with “Plumber butt”.

Maybe I’ll start a fashion trend and wear both. Suspenders AND a belt. That would certainly prevent any slippage of the pants.

Or maybe, I’ll just have to go shopping and buy new smaller jeans. I think I like that idea best! 🙂

Thank you, I LOVE FOOD DIET!!!

Chow for now!


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