Blame it on the Knicks

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Lately I have been uninspired to write about the I LOVE FOOD DIET. Well, in all honesty, I have cheated like crazy and thus have felt guilty about not following my own advice.  But then I remembered, the key tenet of the I LOVE FOOD DIET and that is when you cheat, you should really cheat, and then once all the cheating is out of your system, you can start fresh and new.

The cheating this past week (or two) was not really my fault but rather a perfect storm of birthday celebrations (mine and my sons), a weekend trip to Puerto Rico (where I had to sample all the local food)  and a skybox for the Knicks/Wizards game

It was my son’s ninth birthday and we were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate his birthday with his closest basketball loving buddies in a Skybox at Madison Square Garden.

I am not crazy about basketball, but I am crazy for the Skyboxes. They can be described as small studio apartments (sans bed), high above the arena where you basically have unfettered use of 3 televisions, a mini kitchenette, all the food and drink you can consume, plush seating, private bathroom (a big PLUS when you are babysitting 15 nine-year old boys) and your own butler/server.

It is also one of the few places where you are encouraged to scream, yell and make the loudest raucous ever – easily (and successfully) accomplished by these pack of 4th graders.

We arrived at the game 30 minutes before tip-off . What was waiting for us trays of cheeseburgers, french fries, chicken strips, buffalo wings, chips and guacamole, cupcakes, brownies and every beverage known to man.

What was I supposed to do? It was my son’s birthday party after all. I had to eat some of his birthday cake, and since I was cheating with the cake, I might as well scarf down a few cheese burger sliders. And since I was going to eat the sliders, a few dozen french fries and a couple of chicken strips was not going to make that much of a difference….right? Needless, to say we all had an AMAZING time and the Knicks squeaked out a victory in the last 8.5 seconds of the game. GO KNICKS!

The next day, was a school day and I had inadvertently volunteered to chaperone my 6-year-old son’s class trip to Central Park. I hate to admit it but I had a “teeny little hang over” from the previous nights debauchery.

I could not very well stumble around the park with twenty-three  second graders in tow, with a headache…. could I? So I did what I always do. I took 2 Tylenol, drank a quart of water and ate a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. The sandwich, unfortunately was taking its sweet time to cure my headache so I decided I needed to up the ante and ate a cranberry pecan scone (loaded with carbs!) just to absorb any leftover alcoholic residue.

The combo of carbs, grease, cheese, water, Tylenol, not to mention several cups of coffee did the trick and I was back to myself within the hour.

After the class trip , which took the entire day, I stumbled home and took the best nap I have taken in a long time.

Tomorrow I think I will be ready to start fresh but for now, lets eat!

Chow for now.