Controversy Sells!

Cover of "The Godfather (Widescreen Editi...
Cover of The Godfather (Widescreen Edition)

I don’t get it. It was definitely NOT my best post, nor was it my funniest post, but “Fughedabout it and Eat”,  may have been my most controversial post and had the most hits ever in my the 3 month history of the I LOVE FOOD DIET!

I had no idea that being PC was bad for business. Playing it safe seems to be BORING! Controversy sells!

I sincerely thank my first “hate mailer”, Joey from Brooklyn, for pointing out my offense. When I woke up the other morning and checked my web hits from the day before, I nearly fell off my chair. WTF?  My web hits were off the chart! Before I basked in the glory of my Blogs success and started thinking that people were actually liking  my writing, I opened my hate mail and realized my “success” had nothing to do with moi, but rather must have to do with Joey. My “Italian Stallion” from Brooklyn must have been the one spreading the word about me and my slightly ” un-P.C. ish”, recount of my evening in Coney Island last week.  (read  my post, Fughedabouit and Eat!  and decide for yourself). Somewhere along the way, Joey mis-interpreted my recount of the evening and was under the impression that I was comparing all Italian Americans to the MAFIA!

In that post, after babbling on about my kids school bakesale and our trip to Luna Park in Coney Island, I innocently described the patrons and atmosphere of Garguilos, the huge restaurant and catering hall in that neighborhood. There was a private party upstairs and the joint was jumping. Everyone there (except us) were dressed to impress. As we had just come from Luna Park, we were definitely the most casually attired among the patrons. I described the place as “claaasssy” (as it indeed is- starched white linens, large chandeliers, arched mirrrowed windows, properly attired waiters, etc.) and a setting similar to one you would find from the Martin Scorsece classic, “GoodFellas“.

I grew up in Brooklyn and miss places like this. I LOVE places where the FOOD  takes center stage, instead of the decor or obnoxious waiter/actor. I can’t stand to go to a restaurant  and have the privilege of plunking down hundreds of dollars for snotty service and less than stellar food. You will NOT get that at Garguilos. This place is “Old School” and knows how to treat its guests.

I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Brooklyn. And not the “chi-chi” parts of Brooklyn like Brooklyn Heights or Park Slope but further south..much further south. During my adolescence, I gravitated to the more JAP-like  (Jewish American Princess)  approach to dressing – proudly sporting tons of pink ” Ton Sur Ton”  matching outfits with shoulder pads that would rival the Green Bay Packers, however, all of my friends were “Guidgettes”. Actually in my time – the mid 80’s, they were called “kooshettes” (pronounced like it’s spelled). I was always in awe how my girlfriends could get their hair to stand perpendicular with their heads. They were more “Snooki-esque”, way before N.J. Shore’s Snooki was even born.

Now, even if that post may have inferred a connection to the patrons at Garguilos to the Mafia, (which it didn’t!), one thing is for sure, mobsters know how to eat. You would never catch a “Goodfella” at a pseudo Italian eatery like the Olive Garden. I think ALL Italian Americans (Mafia included)  would unanimously agree on that statement. Mobsters like good solid Italian food – plain and simple. When I enter any ethnic restaurant and see that same ethnic group populating that particular eatery, I know I am in for some good eats. When I see Japanese people in a Japanese restaurant, I know the sushi must be fresh; whenI see French people in a  French restaurant, I know the cuisine must be bonne and when I see Italian American people seated at  an Italian restaurant, I KNOW I am in for a good meal.

Although this post has NOTHING to do with the I LOVE FOOD DIET, and my avoidance of carbs, I want to be “controversial”. Bring on the hate mail. I”m ready 🙂 

Chow for now!


  1. As Clemenza said to Michael: Hey Mikee come over here, never know when you are gonna have to cook for 30 or 40 guys. First you fry up the garlic in a little olive oil, throw in the sauseege, then you throw in your tomatoes, a little bit of sugar and then the meatballs.
    Sonnie: Whats my brother learning to be a cook here. Hows Paulie?
    We aint gonna see Paulie no more.

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