Looking good is the best revenge

Cover of "Kill Bill - Volume Two"
Cover of Kill Bill - Volume Two

 “Looking good is the best revenge” was coined by Ivana trump in the 1991 aftermath of her much publicized divorce from the her first husband Donald Trump. While the side swept haired, bushy eyebrowed, real estate tycoon was out gallivanting with his new Barbie Doll – Marla Maples, Ivana Trump was gearing up for a re-birth.

Gone was the dated 1980’s style “Dynasty hair” and glitzy evening wear.In its place was a more toned down, cleaned up, sophisticated style. Her eponymous “hair- do”, the upswept bun with soft bangs and tendrils became her signature look and indeed it looked (and still looks) good on her. Instead of shrinking back into the shadows, hiding from the invasive paparazzi, Ivana emerged like a phoenix rising from the dawn. She came out of the divorce with a brand new look, head held high not to mention reportedly $25 Million to boot. She has gone on to pen several book, launched a jewelry collection, a clothing line, etc. Her advice? “Dahhhhling,” pause for dramtic effect, “Dont get mad…get everything”.

And how about Uma Thurman. After her ex-husband Ethan Hawke was caught playing hide the salami with his own kid’s babysitter, Uma relaunched her career in Kill Bill by grabbing her samari sword and taking out her revenge on Bill and everyone that had ever crossed her path.  It took her a while to get over her break-up but her hot and heavy affairs with famous hotelier Andre Balazs and her current engagement with billionaire Arpad Busson seemed to have helped our blond samari warrior along.

And who can possibly forget Aidan Shaw’s re-return in Season 4 of Sex and the City. In season 3 we meet the affable Aidan. He is absolutely adorable furniture maker who worshops Carries every move. However we soon realize that, at least in Carrie’s eyes, he will never fill the shoes of “BIG”. Carrie breaks up with Aidan breaking his heart.

However in the following season, we see a sexy, freshly shorn and svelte Aidan. His break up with Carrie may have broken his heart but it did wonders for his physique. Carrie ends up chasing the newly skinny Aidan down, begging him to get back . Indeed Revenge is sweet.

So the next time you are about to bite down on that bagel or stuff your face with muffins, just think of those who have wronged you. Remember, “looking good is the best revenge.”

Chow for now!


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