What about the children???

Fried rice by Adonis Chen in Keelung, Taiwan
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I knew it was a sin. I recognized that it was wrong. As the author of the I LOVE FOOD DIET, I felt personally responsibility for this reckless and wanton offence. How could I have known it would go so far?  I HAD to repair the damage that was about to be done. I had to make it better. What about the children???

It all started last week at my son’s “Pot Luck” dinner. These annual school events bring all the mommy’s and daddy’s together for an evening of eating and drinking. All participants are invited to bring  “something” to the event.

One very generous parent ordered a HUGE  “Hawaiian BBQ “, complete with trays of marinated beef, bbq chicken, salad and a TON OF RICE.

Imagine the largest tin tray you have ever seen…now double it. This humongous tin chafing dish was filled to the brim with steamed white rice. While a staple in most Asian countries, rice is a big no-no on the I LOVE FOOD DIET.

I was happy to discuss my philosophy on my low carb diet, shamelessly self promoting my blog to anyone who would listen. I proudly noticed that most of the parents were avoiding the break basket and instead loading their plates with carb free snacks. I gleefully noticed that the macaroni salad remained untouched and the rice had barely a dent .

At the end of the evening, everyone was invited to take home some leftovers. The BBQ chicken was gobbled up, the beef was packed away, the sushi was carefully re-parceled, however the barely dented rice stood there, lonely, longing for a home. No one wanted to take home the rice! Because of my blabbering about carbs and the need to avoid them, this vat of rice was going to be thrown into the garbage!

While I live by the mantra, “It’s not a waste if it ends up on your waist,” I am also smart enough to recognize an extremely unnecessary waste when I see one.  I could not stand by and let this atrocity take place. I quickly devised a plan.

“You guys gotta take home the rice.” I beseeched my fellow parents. When all I got was blank stares, I desperately grabbed at straws and pleaded, “What about the children???”  

As I finally got their attention I proceeded to launch into my Save the Rice speech.

“Dont you know the BEST fried rice is made from day-old white rice?” I proudly informed my growing audience. “Dont your kids like fried rice?”

It’s a well-known fact that stale  or day old rice is the best way to make fried rice. The dried-up grains soak up the oil, soy sauce and other flavors better than freshly made rice. Fresh rice tends to be soft, sticky, starchy and slightly gummy. That consistency makes for a mushy fried rice, while the day-old rice makes for the tastier traditional versions you eat at most Chinese Restaurants.

I proceeded to promote how easy it was to make Fried Rice, using leftover white rice. I listed all the different variations one can make; Pork Fried Rice, Beef Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice, Bacon Fried Rice and even SPAM Fried Rice (read my post – What the hell is SPAM for further info).

When some parents continued to object, claiming that they were going out-of-town or did not have time to make the dish, I was quick to counter, “Well, you can always freeze it.”

Without giving them a chance to respond, I grabbed the box of Ziploc baggies and filled them with ladles of the white rice.

I am proud to say that I was successfully able to dole out ALL of the white rice to the attendees.  “Your children will love it!” I assured the slightly tipsy parents as I bid them adieu. 

While it may not be a waste, if  it ends up on YOUR waist, It is NOT a waste when it ends up in  growing childrens tummys. 🙂

Chow for now!


  1. Rice is not the problem with dieting. It is the constant barage of sweetend foods taken in by child and adult alike. If one were to think rice is the problem with the world’s ever expanding waste size then all of Asia would have Buddhas running about. That is not the case. The amount of calories consumed in Asia compared to the US is miniscule. As with the Meditaranean Diet, Asian meals are well balanced in all aspects of nutrition. Look at the diet of the American and you will see a diet based on the marketing directives of the big corporations who spend untold millions of dollars to persuade Americans that Wonder bread helps build strong bodies eight different ways. The diet in America does not have to worry about rice as the culprit it has to worry about the brainwashing of the eater by big corporations. Where else could anyone believe that sweetend cereals and milk combined for breakfast are a great way to start the day, or that a Snickers bar is a great pick me up to stave off the duldrums. The sugar high gained from these foods are overwhelmed by the precipitous drop in blood sugars in 30 -45 minutes after insulin has ravaged the bloodstream of these poor eaters. Leave rice alone and educate kids about the pitfalls of the sugar coated diet that has befallen American consumers!

  2. Bravo Tom! I could not agree more. Clearly Rice is not the problem and that is why I felt so terrible about it all being trashed at the “potluck” and INSISTED that everyone take it home to feed their families. Your views are 100% on target and I appreciate your feedback. 🙂

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