Exercise and Dieting – Big Fat Lies???


“Exercise and Dieting – Big Fat Lies” was the headline in Cynthia R. Fagans article in The NY Post this past Sunday. It seems that I am not the only one who is convinced that Carbohydrates are the “enemy” in the battle of the bulge. Ms. Zoe Harcombe, a Cambridge mathematician-turned-nutritionist, who has had her own battles with her weight, is a proponent of low carb diets. She recently published, “The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It ? How Can We Stop it?”

“It’s a myth (referring to exercise and diet). It’s the carbs that pile on the pounds,” claims Ms. Harcombe. She goes on to suggest that we should cut back on all carbohydrates, especially food based on flour,  like pasta, bread and white rice.

The NY Post Article goes on to list all the food MYTHS that Ms. Harcombe debunks.

  • Myth: Veggies and fruit are more nutritious than any other food
  • Myth – Losing weight is about reducing calories
  • Myth – Starchy foods should be the main part of our diet
  • Myth – We should exercise to combat obesity
  • Myth – Fat is a definite “no-no”

The Myths listed above are in direct contrast with the FDA approved mantra  we have been force-fed  the last 4 decades. Ms. Harcombe asserts that  the “change in our eating habits in the 1970’s coincided with the explosion of obesity”  How many of us recall the “food pyramid” that was taught to us in elementary school? In that model, we were encouraged to eat a diet rich in carbohydrates and low in dairy products and fatty proteins.

Ms. Harcombe rebukes that advice explaining that carbohydrates such as “pasta, bread and grains turn into sugar in the blood, which is unhealthy. It forces the body to release insulin, which stores fat to get the glucose levels back to normal.”

Most of todays diets suggest that to lose weight, one should exercise regularly and cut back on calories. This article, however, suggests that cutting calories may actually pose a detriment as your body will compensate for the lost calories and slow its metabolism down. This article further suggests that exercise will not help combatting obesity as “it will only cause you to get hungry, and your body will crave carbohydrates, which causes weight gain”. Ms. Harcombe suggests that “its better to walk regularly and control what you eat”.

Ms. Harcombe’s advice for ultimately losing and managing your weight is to “Stop grazing and snacking. Go back to eating 3 good meals a day and manage your carbs.”

Soooooo, the I LOVE FOOD DIET has adopted Ms. Harcombe’s advice. Instead of killing ourselves “sweating to the oldies” at the gym  7 days a week and subsisting on arguably “Un – FUN”  low-calorie, low-fat foods, just eat sensibly and cut back on the carbs.  If I can do it, you can do it too!

Chow for now!


  1. Mixing of food types in our meals is a casue of many problems as shown in the Fit For Life Diet by the Diamonds. The body processes foods distinctly. Cetain enzymes break down certain food types. Mixing foods doesn’t allow for these enzyme systems to work at their zenith. High calorie, high sugared foods and meals wreak havoc on the human digestion. Is it any wonder this country consumes more antacids and other digestion problem meds than the rest of the world combined. We are once again products of the media that allows us to follow their mantra, eat like we tell you we know better!

  2. I hope the remark is not in any way patronizing. I have added comments in the hope that some intellectual insight would be appreciated. Hopefully you see it as that, and not in any way something to be dismissed. Dieting has been an ongoing part of my life for decades, and in my opinion drinking and any kind of meaningful diet do not coexist, alcohol only leads to destructive choices in all aspects of dieting and life.

    • Dear Tommy: Touchy – arent we? I was not being patronizing and welcome your comments. Clearly you have a wealth of knowledge about diet, food and exercise. I encourage you to continue your writing. Perhaps you should consider writing your own blog as you certainly have A LOT to say on mine. Just a thought 😉

  3. I must admit- i tried the high protein, low carb route…. and i tried it because the girls in the office were all loosing weight like butter melting on a slice of hot toast. Well……….. initially it started that way, and not very long after that, it did a complete turn around!!!! I ended up putting a few kilo’s on. At that point i thought (and only because everyone convinced me), that my body was just adjusting!!!!!
    HAHA!!!! Adjusting to a new found size!!!! It just continued. After about 6 weeks, i realised that i couldnt continue on.
    So, something i have never really done, is actually count every calorie that i put into my mouth. I know it sounds crazy— but it is working!!!! The fact is that more calories in then out- will make you fat!!! I dont honestly think it matters what the calories consist of. Obviously, i am trying to make healthy choices. Healthy choices mean that i can have three meals and two snacks….. and squeeze in a block or two of dark chocolate…… I downloaded an awesome application on my blackberry, which has made it far simpler then you could ever imagine.
    It is working, so will keeep it up for a while and perhaps it will be the life style change i need!!! Let me know how your new change works.

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