Day of Decadance

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If I did not see it myself, I would not have believed it. How could an entire day of eating arguably some of the most fatty and high calorie foods end up making me LOSE weight? I kid you not. What I am about to describe is not for the faint of heart or for the uber-healthy police patrol. This is simply an actual account of what I stuffed into my face yesterday.

It all started when I stepped on the scale yesterday and realized that I HAD to stop cheating on the I LOVE FOOD DIET. Over the past week, I have been “off the low carb wagon” and high carbing it, eating rice, beans, and bread with abandon. My son asked me, “Mommy, is it only on the weekends that you cheat on your diet?”  I guiltily replied “Yes, dear, only the weekends.”  knowing full well that I have been cheating and treating myself to many carb laden goodies all week. 

After ignoring my scale all week, I finally summoned enough courage to brave the imminent result I already knew. Those hard-fought (well, actually not that hard-fought) pounds come creeping back. I decided I needed to get back to business and restart the I LOVE FOOD DIET.

I started the day with 2 big cups of Starbucks coffee with plenty of half and half added. Nothing like a cup or two of strong java to get the body (and bowels) moving. I had an early morning meeting and ended up eating breakfast at the local diner where I chowed down on a luscious cheese omelette paired with a fried sausage patty. As I had enough coffee already for the day, I opted for a refreshing Diet Coke with my sodium and cholesterol laden meal.

I live in Manhattan so I try to walk as much as possible. Yesterday was a perfect Autumn day where walking in the city is truly a pleasure. I had a few appointments scattered throughout the city and walked from Bloomingdale’s (59th and Lex) all the way to the Upper West Side. I detoured through Central Park where I had a chance to enjoy the fall foliage and the park that makes this city arguably the best in the world.

When I finally finished up with my appointments and headed back downtown. I treated myself to a 16 oz Rib Eye Steak at Wolfgang’s. Wolfgang’s is a  famous steak restaurant that serves the most amazing steak ANYWHERE. The restaurant is named after Wolfgang Zweiner a waitor who worked and trained for 40 years at “the Mecca of ALL STEAK Restaurants, ” Peter Lugar’s in Williamsburg.

What makes their meat so delicious is the unique selection process of the meat. The owners pride themselves on only serving the  the most “marbled” and tender cuts of beef. If you are looking for lean and low-fat meat, don’t go here. Wolfgang’s is all about delicious, juicy, savory and somewhat fatty cuts of beef. YUMMY!

After dining out for breakfast and lunch, I decided I wanted to relax at home and paid a visit to our local gourmet deli. I decided on ordering 1 lb of ham, 1/2 of harvati cheese and 1/2 lb of french “rosette” salami. I made a large platter of these savory meats and cheese and dined on that for dinner. I was feeling like I needed some rouffage as all I ate all day was fatty proteins, so I made myself  an extremely large ceasar salad (without the croutons). I paired my dinner with 2 large glasses of fine red wine.

I went to bed pleasantly full, content and feeling very decadent.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I had to do a double take. How could a day of eating such decadent food and drink, result in me actually LOSING 2 pounds?!!!

I don’t know either but I am going to follow more or less exactly the same thing today just to double-check. I will report back tomorrow the results. 

Chow for now!

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