Decadence is Over-Rated

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I thought I had re-invented the wheel. I thought that I was in line for the Nobel Prize for figuring out a way to eat like a pig and still lose weight. My “Day of Decadence” (read that titled post for more info) was legitimate proof that stuffing and gorging yourself on fat-filled foods could actually result in significant weight loss. 

I was ready and pumped up for the following days food and fat fest.

The problem was, that I could not bear to eat another fat-filled snack. The thought of eating another cheese omelette and greasy fried sausage patty was just too much to bear. That delicious and juicy Rib Eye Steak was no longer appetizing. My body craved CARBS!

I ended up falling off the low carb wagon BIG TIME and inhaled a carb- filled,  low-fat scone AND a carb-filled, high- fat croissant for breakfast the next day. For lunch I ate a big bowl of high-carb but low-fat “Pho” (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup) and for dinner I had a low-fat but high-carb dinner of Chicken and steak fajitas with rice and beans.

Well, the 2 pounds I had so quickly lost the other day reared its ugly head this morning.

Well, as the saying goes, when the tough get going, the going gets eating! I am determined to continue working on the I LOVE FOOD DIET and find the right combination of carb-laden and carb- free foods to make the weight loss stick.

Wish me luck. I will report my progress, if any, on Monday.

Chow for now!


  1. To think that decadence is overrated leads me to believe that either you have never experienced anything or have been decadent for so long now that nothing is novel and fun any more. I have read the blog since its’ inception and thought it to be fine place to learn about dieting and its’ pitfalls. I was totally wrong, it seems to be a place for you to ramble on about your life. Diet and lifestyle choices are difficult for many people, myself included, to see these last few inane columns, blogs or whatever they are called appear here with no good insight makes me wonder what is the idea or mission statement of ILOVEFOODDIET! Please enlighten me and the rest of your readers and please give some meaningful columns dealing with food and diet for all, not just your ramblings.


    • Dear Charlie:
      Thanks for your feedback and being a reader since its inception. Wow! I can’t believe I have (or rather HAD) a real live fan. And to think that I thought it was just my mother and husband reading my daily ramblings. 😉
      Your point is well taken. I have lost focus on dieting as frankly, Charlie, it is hard to come up with different, insiteful and interesting material every day. However just like my dieting advice in “Three Steps forward, Two Steps back”, sometimes one needs to take a break and cheat a little (in this case on dieting advice) and take a step or two back.
      Sorry Charlie if I have disappointed you. Will try to stay on point in the future. Thanks again for your feedback.
      Chow for now!

  2. Every food you want us to eat is fattening. Are you thin. How much did you weigh before you marinated us with your diet. How much do you weigh now?

    • Dear Gigi:
      Thanks for your feedback. I know it seems completely counter-intuitive to eat what I ate and possibly lose weight. If I did not see the results for myself, I would also not believe it. However, the fact remains that I did lose weight by eating exactly what I reported but consumed ABSOLUTELY NO CARBS while I did it.
      I mean it – NO CARBS at ALL!!
      Regarding my weight loss, I must admit that I am a “relatively thin” person by nature. In fact I have always been thin up until the birth of my second child. After that, however I found it imposible to lose the “baby weight” that I gained during my pregnancy. I exercised like a demon, I fasted, I cleansed, I ate steamed broccoli and poached chicken breasts til I was green in the face. I also ate lots of low-fat, high carbohydrate foods like bread, pasta and rice. Four years later, the weight would not go away. Finally in frustration, I tried one week of not eating carbs and lo and behold the weight melted off.
      Since I started the I LOVE FOOD DIET, I have lost 10% of my pre-diet weight. I eat lots of meat and seafood, cheese, eggs, and lots of low carb substitutes. I live in Manhattan and usually walk every chance I can get.
      I wrote todays post because I could NOT enjoy another day of eating all that fatty food again. The thought of eating another greasy sausage patty made me nauseous.
      The better approach is to eat lean meats and lots of low carb green veggies. It has been working for me. I don’t know if it would work for you. You be the judge.
      Chow for now!

  3. I had the same feeing on Friday. Hungover, I needed carbs, egg sandwich for breakfast, slice of pizza mid afternoon and pasta for dinner. Saturday mornings trip to the scales, I was 2 pounds heavier. Hate the hangover feeling, hate the scales!

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