I ask you, how can anyone in their right mind possibly refuse platters upon platters of ALL YOU CAN EAT delicious food? That was my conundrum when I went with my family to the brand new Jets/Giants Stadium at the “New Meadowlands” in New Jersey to watch the amazing Jets Victory over the Cincinnati Bengals this past Thanksgiving. Football and Thanksgiving..need I say more?

Now, just for the record, I an NOT a football fan. I wouldn’t know the difference between a 1st down and a tight-end if it hit me in the rear-end. However, when gifted with 4 AMAZING 17th row seats on the 50 yard line (!), with full access to the extremely luxurious “Coaches Club”, I donned my Green Jets jersey with gusto.

The NY Jets and NY Giants play football in New Jersey at the New Meadowlands arena. Why the two New York Teams play football in New Jersey is unbeknownst to me, however this brand new stadium is HUUUUUUGGGGE and quite nice. There are various levels of seating with one area designated as the “Coaches Club”.

Upon entering the “Coaches Club”, I was handed a map/menu. On one side was a detailed map of all the different food stations in the catering hall size room. On the other side was a description of all the types on food, nonalcoholic drinks, deserts, candy bar, etc. that was being served that evening. Did I mention that everything was FREE!

Yes, you read correctly. For the price of the extremely costly ticket, All you can eat food is included.

I quickly scanned the menu and memorized the map. Can one possibly go to an “All you can eat” on Thanksgiving, no less,  and NOT gain weight?

Luckily the Sushi and Sashimi station was dead center. There were platters upon platters of fresh raw tuna, salmon, yellow tail and white fish  piled high and begging to be eaten. I filled my plate high with carb free sashimi and just a few sushi rolls. Directly across from the sushi station was the fresh seafood bar that showcased mountains of fresh cooked shrimp, lobster, stone crab legs and seafood salad.

There was a 3 meat carving section that served freshly carved beef tenderloin, fresh ham and pork loin.  As the game was on Thanksgiving, there was also a HUGE turkey carving station.

On the opposite end of the carving station was the Glatt Kosher section. Although I am not kosher there were dozens upon dozens, of I can only assume, Kosher hotdogs roasting on the grill. I took two Kosher weiners- no bun please.

During half time, I craved a little snack. I skipped the Mrs. Fields cookies and brownies, and instead filled my bowl up with fresh strawberries and blueberries. I asked for just a squirt of the canned Reddi Whip. Yummy!

After  a smashing victory, we cruised out of the “coaches club” where I grabbed a snack size package of fresh carrot and celery for the road. In the package was a 2 oz cup of carb-free ranch dressing.

I stepped on the scale the next morning and did the impossible….I  did not gain an ounce during Thanksgiving.

I love the I LOVE FOOD DIET!

Chow for now!

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