Senor Frogs – Dont bring the kids.

Señor Frog's in Mazatlán, Mexico
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I’ll admit it. I was completely clueless to what exactly Senor Frogs was. As far as I knew, Senor Frogs was a kid friendly eatery that also sold adorable little t-shirts featuring their logo – a smiling sombrero-wearing frog.

Perhaps that is the case…. during the day….but at night, the place definitely is NOT a place to bring your kids…unless they are 18 and older.

A gazillion years ago, back when I was in College, most of my friends followed the “Rite of Passage” that can be summed up in 2 words – SPRING BREAK.  Those two words easily conjured up images of drunken college aged students, “running amok”, partying and drinking up a storm. Cancun was especially popular during spring break due to its younger legal drinking age (only 18!) and bars and restaurants like Senor Frogs.

As the taxi pulled up to the restaurant with my two youngsters in tow, I was glad  to see 3 large swings, along with a large cardboard cutout of Senor Frog in the front of the restaurant. Great! Maybe they have a playground inside too! Well, it ends up I was half right. There was a playground in Senor Frogs, however this type of playground is for adults only.

Things started getting a little questionable when upon entering this establishment, we were greeted by dozens of thong bikini buttocks hanging from the ceiling. My husband and I quickly looked at each other and rushed the kids in. Maybe they didn’t notice???

Although I have never seen any of  the infamous Joe Francis‘s “Girls Gone Wild” videotapes, I can only imagine that he must have collected a fair amount of footage at this outpost of Senor Frogs. Consuming mass amounts of liquor and getting drunk as a skunk is the name of the game here. Jello shots, Tequila shots, Lemon drops, Blue Hawaii (what the heck is a blue hawaii?) and Margaritas the size of fish bowls are offered to you every few minutes.

The place is HUGE with a very large stage and dance floor in the middle of the room. When we arrived the MC was on the stage leading the crowd with a full on rendition of the Sir Mix a Lot, 1990’s hit – “Baby Got Back”. Upon hearing the lyrics, “I like big BUTTS and I cannot lie…”, my 9-year-old burst out laughing. To which I sheepishly grinned. Oy, What have I done?

Legions of men and women were lining up to have a free swig of tequila poured down their throat by the Frog Dressed MC. Pledges of more free liquor to whomever braved the water slide into the outdoor lagoon, won the dance contest ,or just jiggled in just the right way, were broadcast throughout the night.

Upon glancing at the menu, I confirmed what I already suspected. Senor Frogs is not a great place to find low carb cuisine. DUH!!!!

Oh well, when in Rome… or in this case Senor Frogs.

If a hedonistic evening of drinking, dancing and drinking some more is what you are looking for when you are in Cancun, Mexico, by all means, head for Senor Frogs. However if you are looking for a kid friendly low carb restaurant to bring your young family, Senor Frogs is probably not the best choice. I did not know any better, but now you will.

Chow for now!

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