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I opened up the mailbox today and reached in to pull out the usual junk mail, bills, unwanted catalogues and the occasional magazine. While flipping through the envelopes, my eye immediately fell upon the bold red letters, “This is your LAST ISSUE!” screaming out to me under the clear plastic packaging. Uh oh, was it the end of my New York Magazine subscription already? Did the New York Times not receive my last payment? Did the NY Post lose my check?

I ripped open the packaging and breathed a sigh of relief. Oh, it’s just the Ladies Home Journal.

A couple of years ago, my mother (it had to be my mother, who else would subscribe me to this publication?) gave me a subscription to Ladies Home Journal. As a young woman, I always thought Ladies Home Journal was for well….. “Ladies”  (and not particularly young ladies at that).

Now, two decades later,  I am too old to be considered a “young lady,” but too young to be considered an “old lady”. Suddenly my Ladies Home Journal is somewhat “interesting”. I secretly covet my “Journal”,  kind of like how I now enjoy reading, (dare I say it) Prevention Magazine at my doctors office.

Ladies Home Journal was first created in February 1883. It soon became the leading women’s magazine of the 20th century. According to its own website, Ladies Home Journal readership is highest amongst “married women, over the age of 30 with a median household income of $60,965″.

This months issue had the team from  “This Biggest Loser ” on the cover. Bold letters announcing that this was THE BIG HEALTH ISSUE perked my interest. I subsequently dropped all the other mail on the entry table and started thumbing through the issue.

The “Big Health Issue” was actually not that “Big”.  In fact the featured article from the The Biggest Loser team was just a mere 4 pages. If you ever watched the hit TV show, the message remains the same. Eat right, exercise, control your food portions and exercise some more.

Other diet tips from “The Biggest Loser” team – Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and Alison Sweeney include:

  • Gradually rehab your eating habits
  • Steer clear of tempting foods
  • Be realistic about your exercise and weight loss goals
  • Bond with other fat fighting friends
  • Shop for your healthy food in advance so you always have it on hand
  • Put exercise on your schedule
  • Get your family on board
  • Dont obsess over the scale
  • Eat every four hours

There were a couple of other tips, but for the most part, it’s basically just using common sense. I was hoping to learn some new and innovative information on diet/exercise or health. I was a little disappointed.

Although Ladies Home Journal has been my secret friend for the past couple of years, I think I may want to try some other fitness/ health publications. After all these years, I think will let this subscription expire. (Mom, sign me up for Prevention Magazine instead.)

Chow for now.

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