Steak, Spinach and Schlog


Last night I ate one of my favorite I LOVE FOOD DIET meals. One of the top “last request” meals one would request, right before heading out to a firing squad, would have to be a good quality Steak, Caesar Salad, sautéed Spinach and an Ice Cream Sundae with Fresh whipped cream.

Well, it was not my last day on earth but if it had been, my stomach would have been happy and content.

I am fortunate enough to live mere blocks away from one of the top 5 steakhouses in NYC, Wolfgang’s.  Although the famed, Peter Lugar’s holds the #1 spot of top steakhouse in NYC or arguably, the nation, the schlep to Williamsburg, on one of the coldest nights of the year was not an option. Further it was the Jets playoff game and being the only female in a household of men/boys, missing the game was also not an option.

Wolfgang Zweiner, formerly head waiter at Peter Lugar’s took his 40 years of experience at the famed steak house, found some partners and opened a chain of Wolfgang’s restaurants in NY, Hawaii and Beverly Hills. Although many still say that Lugar’s steak is superior, in my opinion, the service and ambiance at Wolfgang’s is definitely better.

Instead of my usual no-carb vodka martini, I ordered a carb filled beer. It was a football game after all and although beer has carbs, the thought of sipping my delicate martini while screaming “Kill em!” did not seem right.

We started off the meal with a Caesar Salad followed by two slices of their famous Canadian bacon. The bacon at Wolfgang’s is unlike any bacon you have ever had. These fat juicy slices of smoky, savory and slightly sweet is a meal unto itself. One slice can easily feed 2 for a small “amuse bouche“.  Eating my Caesar salad with my bacon chaser, I can honestly tell you that my “bouche” was very “amused“.

Next, we ordered their signature Steak. The platter of meat came out sizzling and piping hot. When they serve  the meat on your plate, they “freshen” the meat with a generous spoonful of the sizzling butter/oil that pools on the serving plate. Grease never tasted so good!

We ordered Popeye’s favorite veggie, spinach. My husband prefers their creamed spinach but I was never one for pureed food. Although many people love it,  the consistency of creamed spinach reminds me too much of baby food, and not the good apple or banana kind but more like the …well more like the pureed spinach or peas kind. Blech!

I passed on a second beverage as the Jets were losing badly and did not feel like drowning my sorrows in beer, so instead I decided to drown them in schlog. We ordered a hot fudge sundae. Or rather I should say that my son ordered the desert. Wolfgang’s, just like Peter Lugar’s knows how to do a sundae right. This desert was served in one of those tall old-fashioned fountain soda glasses. It was filled to the brim with fresh creamy vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce, topped with their home-made whipped cream or schlog (german whipped cream) and crunchy walnuts.

Luckily for me, my son just prefers the “meat and potatoes” of the Sundae and generously gave away the schlog and walnuts. I was happy to eat his unwanted accoutrements.

This morning, I stepped on the scale and lost 1/2 lb! With the exception of the one beer and the few spoonfuls of the Schlog, the rest of the meal was virtually CARB-FREE! I’m loving the I LOVE FOOD DIET. 🙂

Chow for now!