How Much Weight Can a Person Gain in 1 Night?


“How much weight can one person gain in a night?” I asked my husband this morning as I dragged my bloated body out of bed. He replied matter of factly,  “I don’t know, maybe 4 – 5 pounds.”

WHAT!!! I was suddenly wide awake. Isn’t there an “over-saturation” point, where your body just stops piling on the pounds in a 24 hour period? How can one possibly gain 4 -5 lbs in just a few hours?

Well, if you were like me last night, stuffing my face on the most insanely delicious homemade chocolate cakes, cookies, chili, chips, dip, pizza and beer, that question could definitely be put to the test. Thats right, I was at a fabulous Superbowl party – the yearly rite of passage where gluttonous gluttony is not only provided but encouraged.

Based on experience, I knew I was going to cheat. In fact, not only was I going to cheat on the I LOVE FOOD DIET, I was planning on going overboard. In preparation for the carb filled overload, I purposely parked my ass in the Elliptical at the gym for a full 45 minutes earlier that day. I followed that 45 min cardio work out with 100 sit ups and then a couple of reps of free weights. I was pumped. I was ready to face the enemy – Bring on the CARBS!

I started off well. I grazed on the crudite and dip platter. I nibbled on a few slices of rolled up turkey and cheese. I avoided the chips and snacked instead on the most insanely delicious spiced nuts. I only had one bowl of the chicken tortilla soup and one bowl of the delicious homemade chilli. Everything was going pretty well until the deserts came out.

Thats when the trouble started. And once it started, there was no turning back. It ends up that quite a few of the guests were accomplished pastry chefs. Sooooooo, it would have been downright rude of me NOT to taste their culinary masterpieces. I certainly did not want to slight any of the guests by devouring ones treat over another. That would have been impolite…right?

So I soldiered on, and quietly piled my plate with a little of each sinful and decadent sweet one at time, slowly working my way from one end of the table to the other. I paced myself and washed down the sweets with a few cold beers. Later in the evening, when the cookie tray came out, I ate the ones that were really good and just took a bite of the ones that I could live without, hiding their remains under my napkin. Remembering my own sage advice that “It’s not a waste if it ends up on your waist.”

As the night wore on, and my waistline started protruding more than usual, I called it a night. The last couple of bites of the chocolate “cake balls” and the banana brownie with glazed marshmallow crust put me over the edge. It had been so long since I ate so much sugar that after an hour the desserts were too… well sugary.

As Shakespeare wrote in his play, “As you Like it”, “Too much of a good thing”, may do harm. However in this case, “too much of a good thing” did me good. I stuffed myself with so much decadent dessert that quite frankly I was a little sick of it. I don’t think I could eat another chunk of chocolate for a while. 🙂

I better plan on 2 hours at the gym tomorrow.

Chow for now.


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