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I’ll admit it. I was bickering with my husband last week over something stupid when he called me to ask, “What do you want to do for Valentines day?”

“I don’t know, you decide”, I snapped.

That’s why when he called back a few hours later telling me he had made reservations at   “Go-Korea“, I was surprised and frankly touched.

Unlike me, my husband is NOT a fan of Korean food. So when he told me that he had made reservations at what I can only assume is a Korean restaurant, I was pretty shocked. “Looks like he is trying to make up with me and even went so far as to make a reservation at a Korean restaurant”, I thought triumphantly.

It wasnt until he came home and presented me with the printed prix fixe menu that I realized I was wrong. “What’s this?” I asked looking at the printed card stock. “It’s the menu for Valentines day” he responded. I looked at the menu, and there clearly printed on top was the name of the restaurant – Boqueria.

“This is not Korean food.” I stated the obvious.

“Who said we are going to Korean food?” he replied.

“You did. You said you made reservations at Go Korea“.

“Why would I make reservations for Korean food. he said. “I can’t stand Korean food.”

Big sigh. O.K.,  whatever. Boqueria it is.

Boqueria is an adorable, friendly, low-key restaurant downtown, where they serve Spanish style tapas (small plates). There are 2 outposts – one in Soho, and one in the Flatiron district. Although we live mere blocks away from the Soho location, my hubby made the reservation at the more cozy and intimate site on West 19th Street.

I can only assume that the restaurant is named in honor of the famous well-known open market in Barcelona, La Mercat de Sant Josef de la Boqueria or La Boqueria for short. The first mention of this open air market was in 1217 when a few tables were set up near the gates of the old city to sell meat. Over the centuries the market has grown to include fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and many other Catalonian specialties.

In wasnt until 1840, that an official structure was constructed in its current location near the Ramblas. La Boqueria remains a “must see” during any food lovers visit to Barcelona.

At Boqueria (the restaurant) they offered a 7 course OR 9 course Valentines tasting menu. We immediately opted for the 9 course degustation. “Most of the dishes are low-carb” my husband volunteered. And he was right. Almost all of the tapas on the menu were relatively low-carb save the carb laden tarta de chocolate with basil ice cream.

We started off with Bonito Tartar – finely chopped bonito tuna with mango and avocado.

Then we snacked on Pimientos de Padron – Heavenly roasted Shishito peppers with sea salt.

Next we had the most delectable Datiles y Beicon – Dates wrapped with bacon (bacon!:)) stuffed with Valdeon cheese and almonds

I’ll save you from discussing the rest of the 6 courses. All of them, except the grilled sea bass (overcooked) were delicious, delectable, finger licking and low carb! There was nary a noodle or grain of rice in site.  Further, there was no bread served. Each course was a delicious combination of protein, vegetables and savory accoutrements.

The other main draw here was the size of the dishes served. As the restaurant serves only tapas (small plates), tapas is what we ate. Even though we had 9 courses each, plus a small cheese platter, compliments of  the manager, each dish was just perfectly sized and proportioned.

The old me would have took one look at the mini portions and asked for a double, however the new I LOVE FOOD DIET me, was more than satisfied with a few savory delicious mouthfuls of each plate that passed before me.

I think I need to re-examine portion size in the I LOVE FOOD DIET.

Chow for now!

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