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I LOVE FOOD. I love everything about it – from the taste, to the texture, to the smells, to the euphoria one feels after savoring a perfectly cooked and seasoned cheese burger. 

Unfortunately some foods were not “feeling the love” for me. Or rather I should say, some foods LOVED me and my body (especially my mid section), so much that they decided to take up permanent camp! 

In an effort to slim down, I tried diet after diet, spent thousands of dollars on exercise equipment, gym memberships, and personal trainers. Nothing worked! 

 “I decided I needed to do my own research and develop my own weight loss method”, says Jennifer. “I wanted to develop a cohesive and consistent program to eat, drink , be merry AND lose weight”. 


Thus the I LOVE FOOD Diet was born. Follow, Jennifer on her incredible and often amusing journey trying to keep those pesky pounds off. 

Jennifer has a BA from USC and has an advanced degree in Holistic Health. She is a certified health coach and kettle bell trainer. Her primary profession is as a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Manhattan.


Chow for now!




  1. Jen,
    I’m in MA at the Vineyard on vaca and cannot stop reading your blog…..so funny and smart. Love how warm, genuine and sage you sound. Congrats and keep it up!

  2. I loved meeting you and your awesome family. Did Jeffrey rent a family?
    How about that lovely food. Wow…what a fun night.
    Nice to meet you! Come to Seattle and you will love the places we can take young eat…


  3. Hi, Jen! How great that you have a blog! I’ll follow you. Would you know of any good dairy-free desserts? Keep writing! x Judi

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